Two Morris County HS Seniors Awarded Luke Warbeck Scholarship

The SKC Foundation had the honor of awarding two Morris County high school seniors The 2023 Luke Warbeck Scholarship. The recipients were from Morris Hills High School and Jefferson Township High School.

This year the SKC Foundation received a number of excellent applications from students throughout Morris County. The two recipients were most closely aligned with Luke’s character and unquestioning work ethic. Their dedication to being self-starters was evident from their essays that discussed their journey to Eagle Scout, their passion for landscaping projects and their pursuit of entrepreneurial endeavors.

The scholarships were given at both the Morris Hills and Jefferson Township senior award ceremonies where the students received a scholarship certificate along with a personal message from Gina Warbeck.

The Luke Warbeck Scholarship is possible because of the generous support of our donors and volunteers and the tireless commitment from the SKC Foundation team.  We look forward to offering this scholarship for years to come.

The Luke Warbeck Scholarship is given to a graduating high school senior who is looking to pursue an entrepreneurial path by: entering a college program for entrepreneurship, a secondary vocational school to learn a trade, start a business relating to building and construction or other entrepreneurial initiative. This scholarship requires someone who understands and exemplifies Luke's character.