Tax Services

Sound tax advice is critical for your business’ financial wellbeing. At the end of the day, it’s all about tax. What do I owe? How can I minimize taxes?

Simply put, SKC avoids surprises! Our skilled professionals help you implement effective tax strategies all year round. We do comprehensive tax planning and tax projections for all of your tax returns: business, personal, trust and estate. We look for tax savings opportunities throughout the year so everything runs smoothly at tax time. 

We are constantly updating our knowledge, keeping abreast of all tax rules, changes and IRS regulations through an excellent continuing education program at SKC.

Everyone at SKC works as a team towards a common goal: helping our clients. We reach out to each other across departments for problem solving. We strive to be ahead of the curve. We explain tax implications so you can make informed decisions. Our clients’ lives change throughout the year, so we stay involved, plan for changes and make suggestions for tax savings.

We care! We are involved in anything that relates to tax. We assist clients with their wills, fill out financial aid forms for our clients’ college-age children—anything our clients need. We strive for compliance and accuracy. If our clients are audited, we assist them with the entire process. We are not just tax preparers. We are your advisors and partner when and where you need us.