SKC Events

The SKC team continually strives to add value to your business well beyond numbers and tax returns! We believe that helping our clients grow, both professionally and personally, can make a major impact on the success they achieve. Whether making introductions in one of our networking groups or solving complex issues in a mastermind group, or attending a speaking event on a pertinent issue, SKC is there to help you grow.

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Networking Events

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At SKC, we value the power of making connections! We are always looking for opportunities to connect our clients with other business owners and help them grow their businesses. Whether we’re hosting in-house networking groups, or attending outside meetings, our main focus is on building relationships.

Mastermind Groups

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Growing your business or growing yourself professionally can present many challenges. Our mastermind groups offer a relaxed environment where you can discuss obstacles with other like-minded business owners.

Informational Events

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SKC’s thought leaders often speak at informational events designed to keep business leaders apprised of important business issues. In-person events, webinars, blogs, white papers and videos are all part of SKC’s mission to provide the most up-to-date information to our clients and the small business community as a whole.