The Luke Warbeck Memorial Scholarship Fund

Keeping Luke's Dream Alive

In February our SKC family suffered a tremendous loss. Gina Warbeck, who is a cherished member of our team, lost her 17 year old son Luke in a tragic car accident.  The story was highly publicized because of the inconceivable course of events. Her son, along with her ex-husband and a gas station attendant, lost their lives to a seriously drug-impaired driver. In an instant, they were gone. The families and friends are devastated – the loss is incomprehensible.

To know Luke would be to know life – He loved the outdoors, adventure, building and constructing things and working! At a very early age, Luke accompanied his dad on construction sites and, whenever he was off from school, was working on neighborhood lawns cutting grass, shoveling and eventually snow plowing to earn money. He was very entrepreneurial and he dreamed of starting a construction company of his own one day. Gina often found him in his room sketching logos for his business and making plans on what construction equipment he needed to buy and how he was going to obtain funding. He really could not wait to graduate and conquer the world!

We have come together as a firm, and as a family, to support Gina and to keep Luke’s dream alive. In doing so, we have developed the “The Luke Warbeck Memorial Scholarship Fund”. The purpose of the fund is to offer an annual scholarship to a deserving senior at either Boonton High School (where Luke attended) or Morris County School of Technology. This person (or persons) will exemplify Luke’s character – and have the burning desire to become an entrepreneur!

Your thoughts and prayers are most appreciated during this difficult time. If you would like to make a monetary donation to the scholarship fund (in any denomination) please use either mode detailed below.

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 Education is the gift that lasts a lifetime.

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