Students Awarded the Luke Warbeck Scholarship

In this second year of The Luke Warbeck Scholarship, the SKC Foundation had the honor of awarding two deserving high school seniors The Luke Warbeck Scholarship. The students were from Boonton High School and the Morris County School of Technology.

The Luke Warbeck Scholarship is given to a graduating high school senior who is looking to pursue an entrepreneurial path by: entering a college program for entrepreneurship, a secondary vocational school to learn a trade, start a business relating to building and construction or other entrepreneurial initiative. This scholarship requires someone who understands and exemplifies Luke's passions.

SKC worked with the guidance departments of both schools and issued an application for the scholarship. The requirement was an essay explaining how they exemplify Luke's character and passion for life. A brief description from Luke’s mom, Gina Warbeck, followed:

“To know Luke would be to know life – He loved the outdoors, adventure, building and constructing things and working! At a very early age, Luke accompanied his dad on construction sites and, whenever he was off from school, was working on neighborhood lawns cutting grass, shoveling and eventually snow plowing to earn money. He was very entrepreneurial, and he dreamed of starting a construction company of his own one day. He was often found in his room sketching logos for his business and making plans on what construction equipment he needed to buy and how he was going to obtain funding. He really could not wait to graduate and conquer the world”.

Although all applicants submitted excellent essays that were both heartfelt and sincere, two students emerged as most closely aligned with Luke’s passions.

We are so proud of these students and honored that we could help them as they embark on the next phase of their educational and entrepreneurial journeys.

We are grateful for the extreme generosity of all that support The Luke Warbeck Scholarship Fund, and for the SKC Foundation for making this possible. We look forward to continuing this scholarship next year and to keeping Luke’s dream alive.