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Just like our clients, SKC is an entrepreneurial, independent business. In 1982, we had a one-room office and a vision. Forty years later, we are a dynamic group of determined, creative thinkers and still growing!

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We certainly have heard the headlines about Uber and Crypto and Microsoft all getting hacked. Maybe as small business owners we have the misnomer that we’re not actually going to be victims because our data is insignificant. But nothing could be further from the truth... read more.

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If you are considering investing in the cannabis space, there are risks and due diligence to be aware of. First, we’ll review the difference between a cannabis “operator” and cannabis “investor”. Although these terms are used somewhat interchangeably... read more.

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Federal vs State Laws On April 21, 2022 adult recreational marijuana became available for purchase at 13 dispensaries across the state of New Jersey — without a medical card. What impact does this have on NJ businesses? The answer is complicated... read more.