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Ryan Warnet, CPA, MBA heads up the SKC Data Analytics service line. Ryan is a problem solver and strategic thinker with a passion for technology and data driven solutions. When he is not sorting through a data lake and creating data dashboards, you can find him playing basketball, working out and cheering for the Dallas Cowboys.

By Ryan Warnet, Posted in Data Analytics & Technology

Sales teams need data to understand their customers and close deals, but often rely on historic information supplied in Excel spreadsheets. This can leave them uninformed about their own sales processes. Custom Power BI dashboards can be instrumental in providing real-time metrics that provide the information sales teams need to close deals... read more.

By Ryan Warnet, Posted in Data Analytics & Technology

Data Analytics is a comprehensive term that can easily be understood by clarifying the "what" and the "why." By definition, data analytics is the process of using data to make informed decisions and solve problems. For businesses, it can lead to significant improvements, such as increased revenue, profits, reduced costs, and better customer satisfaction. Although many small businesses may think... read more.