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Michael Zakrzewski, MS is a member of the SKC Data Analytics Service line. Michael is forward-thinking and primarily focuses on unlocking the hidden story behind data, presenting it in a way that makes sense to each of our clients. When Michael is not hard at work, you can find him exercising, skiing, gaming or cheering on his favorite sports teams.

By Michael Zakrzewski, Posted in Data Analytics & Technology

In today's data-driven business world, the quality of your organization's data plays a pivotal role in shaping the success of your business. As a business owner or key stakeholder, understanding the significance of data quality is essential... read more.

By Michael Zakrzewski, Posted in Data Analytics & Technology

Small businesses generate a great deal of data… but are they getting the reporting features they need to discover insights from their data? Two powerful reporting platforms are Excel and Power BI. There are important differences between the two... read more.