Data challenges businesses face and the solutions to empower business growth

Data-Driven Decisions: A Blueprint for Business Prosperity

Andrea Diaz, CPA,ABV,MST, Ryan Warnet & Donna Miller

Many business leaders are beginning to grasp the impact of inaccurate data on their bottom line. If you are facing challenges in your business such as: inaccurate data, fragmented systems, and difficulty making decisions as a result of poor data, you are not alone. Many organizations grapple with these issues, which can hinder growth and profitability. The good news is there are process and system integrations that can help ensure you are tracking clean data and more importantly, the right data, for business growth!

SKC's Andrea Diaz, CPA,ABV,MST and FourZeroNine Solutions' Ryan Warnet, Data Analyst, address critical challenges businesses face around data and provide you with solutions to empower your bsuiness in this Business Growth Roundtable presentation.