Destigmatizing mental health in the workplace

Pulling Back the Curtain on Mental Health in the Workplace

Sarah Krom, CPA,MST & Ifen Donovan, M.A.,LMHCA, NCC

Understanding issues related to mental health in the workplace can be challenging. Burnout is a pervasive form of stress that is tied to work, and the instances of workforce burnout are on the rise. It is essential for business owners to have the resources to support their team's mental health in order to create a more inclusive work envrionment.

SKC's Sarah Krom and her special guest speaker, Ifen Donovan, M.A., LMHCA, NCC, licensed counselor at Peace of Mind Counseling pull back the curtain on mental health in the workplace. Gain insights into processing stress and coping mechanisms, the importance of self-care, and how you can foster a safe business envrionment surrounding mental heath.