Nursing Homes

We understand the challenges of this very regulated and ever-changing industry. We analyze every aspect of your facility’s operations to help you achieve and sustain financial success while maintaining compliance.

How do you receive a higher rating in the Five Star System without a huge increase in costs? How do you attract more private patients? We have the answers to these questions and can help our clients address any other challenges that may arise. For instance, we keep a close eye on how Medicare administers increased rates. Each month we analyze account receivables by type, bed counts and percentage of capacity by type of payer. We watch the entire P&L and determine what is changing and what new trends are developing.

Our highly skilled team is conscious of being an honest intermediary, and our goal is to create strategies in everyone’s best interest. We are here to anticipate any issues before they arise, empowering our clients to make informed decisions at the right time. The data we provide is consistently informative and relevant to making your facility the best it can be.