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Karen Donaway is Director of Marketing at SKC. She is responsible for brand management, marketing strategy, and firm communications. Karen facilitates many of SKC’s in-house networking and mastermind groups and has a deep understanding of the entrepreneurial experience. A quintessential optimist, Karen will gladly share her thoughts and positivity with clients, team members and colleagues. When she is not at SKC, you can find her creatively cooking, practicing yoga, or spreading joy.

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Small businesses often struggle to develop a cohesive marketing plan…. but, I would argue that they first need to develop a marketing mindset. Entrepreneurs and small business owners are underutilizing marketing which is leaving them underrepresented in their industry... read more.

By Karen Donaway, Posted in General

Every small business has certain key metrics that are essential to the health of their business. Being able to have that data at your fingertips is vital to the growth of your company.... read more.